About Pictures of Tropical Lichens

Field guides with pictures of tropical lichens are rare although lichen diversity is highest in the tropics. With this website we provide images of many rarely depicted lichen taxa. This website is an initiative of André Aptroot (main image contributor) and Laurens Sparrius (web programming). This website contains 3953 photos of 2438 species.

Image contributors
Adriano Spielmann, Alan Archer, André Aptroot, Cristine Donha, Diego F Simijaca Salcedo, Edier Soto Medina, Eimy Rivas Plata, Einar Timdal, Felix Schumm, G.P. Sinha, Gerhard Neuwirth, Harrie Sipman, Kok van Herk, Laurens Sparrius, Rick and Jean Seavey, Robert Lücking, Roger Rosentreter, Scott LaGreca, Simon Davey.

Photographs have been made from voucher specimens, or in the field from lichen that have been collected and identified afterwards. Please send comments, including suggested alternative identifications, to André Aptroot.

Start as a co-worker of tropicallichens.net by creating an account that enables you to upload image files manually. We are seeking co-operation with other lichenologists, e.g. photos made during revision work of entire genera. As most journals publish black and white photographs, color pictures can be a valuable addition. If you have a substantial collection of lichen images you would like to share, please contact André Aptroot for further information on technical assistance and a quality check.

Lichen names
Lichen names used here are not necessarily those listed in Index Fungorum and MycoBank. Some taxa are recently described and not yet listed. Taxa may be listed under a different name or synonym.

Web services
This website uses Index Fungorum webservices to look up current names or synonyms. Literature references are derived from Recent Literature on Lichens.

Our SOAP web service TropicalLichens.asmx can be used to retrieve a list of all images or to search for pictures by name.

Pictures of Tropical Lichens is also a content provider for Encyclopedia of Life (EOL).

All photographs on this website are copyrighted material. Please contact the copyright holder indicated below the photo if you want to use any material for commercial purposes. We provide image content on a CC BY-SA-NC license.

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